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The Lemann Foundation is a non-profit organization, created in 2002 by Brazilian entrepreneur Jorge Paulo Lemann. We work to enhance the quality of public education in Brazil, with a focus on guaranteeing that every student learns, and to speed up social change in Brazil.


The ultimate objectives of the Lemann Foundation are to contribute to improving the quality of student learning in Brazil and to train a network of leaders committed to bringing about change.


In order to achieve these goals, Lemann Foundation adopted an strategy that involves four complementary areas:

Innovation - adoption of high-impact education innovations in Brazil through
Identifying and disseminating effective education innovations to promote learning;
Testing and adapting education innovations for Brazilian schools and
Promoting an environment conducive to education innovation in Brazil

Management – helping capacitate school systems and classrooms to promote effective student learning through
Helping to ensure that education systems are led by individuals committed to change;
Training school leaders with a focus on learning and
Training effective teachers

Policy – support evidence-based decision-making in the area of education through
Supporting and promoting high-quality research on education policies and
Disseminating relevant education information among managers, teachers, opinion-makers and families

Talents – speeding up social change in Brazil through
Stimulating in young talented individuals the vocation to bring about social change;
Supporting the training of talented individuals in high-level institutions;
Supporting them in the development of their careers and
Bringing together leaders with this profile to create a powerful network

Board and team


Council Secretary to the Board  
Jorge Paulo Lemann – President
Paulo Lemann
Peter Graber
Prof. Dr. Peter Nobel
Susanna Lemann
Dr. Christoph Peter  

Denis Mizne – CEO
Camila Pereira
Elizabeth MacNicol
Flavia Goulart
Mila Molina
Amanda Matta
Ana Carolina Piacentini
Ana Catarina Pinheiro
Anna Laura Schmidt
Caliane Rocha

Camila Lacerda
Daniela Caldeirinha
Ernesto Faria
Fabiana Prianti
Felipe Proto
José Gilberto Boari Neto
Júlia Tami Ishikawa
Juliana Cavalcante
Lara Alcadipani
Leonardo Correia


Louisee Cruz
Lucas Rocha
Mariana Christovam
Messias Abreu
Michelle Oliveira
Renata Oliveira
Verena J. Dolabella


Annual Reports

Every year, the Lemann Foundation reports its activities to friends, partners and society in general. The texts are available for download.


To gain access to a report, select below the year to be consulted. To visualize or print the archive in PDF, an Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed in your computer. If you still do not have the software, a free version is available for download on


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